The Oatley Hotel installs Jbn Sound Ceiling!

Posted by admin on September 24, 2015 at 7:12 am

The Oatley Hotel is a well-known, vibrant, bustling hotel located in Sydney’s southern suburbs. An impressive venue, boasting large outdoor entertaining areas, the hotel is renowned for its terrace dance parties and laid back Sunday sessions in the sun. A relaxed venue with an interest in "keeping it local", The Oatley offers Tradie lunches and pizza nights, as well hosting a range of entertainment such as comedy and trivia nights, live bands and DJ's to cater to all their patrons.

Like many Australian pubs wanting to make good use of their outdoor entertaining spaces but being situated close to surrounding residential areas, The Oatley faces strict license restrictions when it comes to entertainment outdoors to limit any potential noise disturbance. However with the recent installation of the Jbn Sound System, The Oatley are now able to crank up the volume and provide an entertaining atmosphere for paying customers without having to worry about disturbing local residents. Our latest version of the system it perfect for outdoor installations. Allowing for a lower base frequency than ever before, live bands and DJ’s are able to use the low bass beats to deliver their preferred sound and create the desired atmosphere. At the same time the systems Plane Wave technology delivers outstanding results in reducing bass transfer and sound spill outside designated the areas by 15dB.

Installed on The Oatley's Outdoor Terrace, these are just a few snapshots of the finished product!

sound ceiling 1 resize

sound ceiling 5 resize

sound ceiling 2 resize