“We use the Jbn Sound Ceiling to control music levels within our hotel. The directivity of the system means that people can dance on the dance floor with the full impact of a large sound system, yet 8 meters away you can hold a normal conversation. It’s a show-stopper!”

Michael Hickey, Doutta Gala Hotel - Nightlife Music Video, Melbourne, Australia.

“The Jbn Sound Ceiling instantly solved our noise complaints from neighbours, but we were stoked because it also meant our staff could hear at the bar, and patrons, who weren’t on the dance floor, could talk more easily. Most importantly the sound quality from the Jbn system is so much better than the conventional system we had previously. I am an absolute convert to the Jbn system.”

Russell Griggs, Foresters Hall, Melbourne, Australia.

“I am absolutely rapt with our Jbn Sound Ceiling and it has increased my business by over 50%. Previously we had all sorts of issues with noise pollution but not anymore. If I had another ten clubs they’d all have Jbn Sound Ceilings.”

John Marios, Tattersalls Hotel, Hobart, Australia.

“The Jbn Sound Ceiling is amazing! It has increased our sound limit from 103dB to 113dB. This means that the patrons now get to enjoy the live bands and DJ a lot better than before. Previously, the venue had speaker stacks for the band and speakers for the DJ which meant people had to yell to talk to each other. Now the patrons can be in the heart of the party on the dance floor with the speaker ceiling where they hear the band or DJ the loudest – or they be at the bar and still be able to speak normally. Plus now with the speaker ceiling the room looks less cluttered which means the Irish theme take centre stage not the speaker stacks around the room. All up I am impressed with the sound quality from the Jbn Speaker Ceiling product.”

John Hassler, P.J Obriens, Cairns.

“The design of the Jbn Sound Ceiling with its’ directional speakers allows us to provide entertainment at a level that patrons expect and want, but the further you move from under the speakers the noise drops significantly. Our acoustic consultant believes the db level drops by over 10db three meters away from the source.”

Bruce Thurston, The Envy Hotel, Broadbeach, Australia.

“…terrific investment. Not only has it been pivotal in solving our noise issues, the artists that come through our venue, bands, DJ’s and solo acts alike, have all been exceptionally impressed with the crisp and quality sound the system delivers.”

Campbell Gibson, Owner Elephant & Castle, Bathurst, Australia.